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Introducing the Westfield Good Festival

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With progress continuing on our sustainability ambition and as April is “Earth Month”, we are excited to announce the first Westfield Good Festival, an annual event that will take place each year in the spring across the Group’s 22 Westfield-branded centres in Europe.

The event this year will be held throughout April and May 2023, and help customers embrace circularity and sustainable consumption by combining guest experiences, thought leadership conversations and other activations with retailers, brand partners, NGOs and local community groups.

“A fun step for you, a good change for all”

With the motto “A fun step for you, a good change for all”, each Westfield Good Festival will be unique and feature curated experiences designed to educate, support and inspire consumers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, develop habits oriented to their own wellbeing, and take action in support of their communities. These will include activations such as upcycling workshops, clothing repair stations, second-hand markets, tastings of local and organic products, climate-change classes and various talks from experts.

The retailers participating will cover a broad spectrum of categories from fashion, beauty and home to entertainment, dining and education, and have been selected based on their individual commitments to promoting mindful consumer behaviour.

The aim of the Westfield Good Festival is to increase awareness about sustainable consumption and circularity, which underlines URW’s commitment to supporting the economic, social and environmental vitality of the communities in which we operate.

All the events taking place as part of the Westfield Good Festival will be unique and localised, engaging and free to attend. For details about what’s happening at each Westfield shopping centre, visit their websites or Instagram pages. For more on URW’s commitment to sustainability and our Better Places 2030 agenda, go here:

Partnering to make a positive impact: focus on France

In France, for example, Westfield is joining forces with three partners for this first edition to engage visitors and make a positive impact in the communities in which the centres operate:

  1. 20 Questions to the World: Throughout the month of May, this ephemeral café will move from centre to centre for the duration of the Westfield Good Festival to offer visitors a friendly break and to encourage discussions, reflection and debate on sustainable development challenges:

  2. The Second Life: In order to promote second-hand clothes shopping as a responsible consumer behaviour, the Second Life service will allow visitors to drop off clothes they no longer wear in exchange for a gift card from the centre for the value of their donation:

  3. WeKlean: Every Saturday in June, Westfield will be organising citizen clean-ups in the vicinity of our Île-de-France centres with WeKlean. We’ll be hitting the forests of Sénart and Meudon, the Côteaux d'Avron park and the 1st arrondissement of Paris. It’s a chance to take action for the environment in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere: