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Building a sustainable experience

#Group News
Our Better Places plan includes a new commitment to support the sustainable evolution of retail while meeting the changing needs of consumers. This means partnering with our visitors and all stakeholders of the retail industry to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable experiences.

Key to this is our Better Places Certification. Developed in partnership with Bureau Veritas Solutions, it assesses the sustainability performance of our destinations based on 94 key criteria covering a broad range of environmental and social dimensions including Health & Safety, Energy & Climate, Water, Communities, Mobility, Biodiversity and Waste.

Due to be rolled out across all our shopping centres in Europe by 2027, it will offer visitors a comprehensive view of the sustainability commitment and status of our destinations.

We’ve also developed the Sustainable Retail Index, in partnership with Good On You and with the critical expertise of WWF France. This innovative approach will support the sustainable evolution of retail providing insights into retailers’ sustainability journey. The Sustainable Retail Index provides a dynamic view on retailers’ sustainability commitments, ambitions and performance at a company, product and store-operations level. Ratings will be monitored annually at a Group and asset level and integrated into the overall grade for each shopping centre, as part of the Better Places Certification. The Sustainable Retail Index will provide transparency and further support the sustainable evolution of retail.

These programmes will help us to meet the needs of consumers, ensuring our offer corresponds to their ever-increasing expectation for sustainable places and products. To complement that demand, we will also roll out engaging programmes across the Westfield platform that support a wide array of onsite experiences, such as the Westfield Good Festival. A flagship event, the initiative connects consumers around sustainability-driven experiences and provides a forum for brands and retailers to share their sustainable journeys.

📺 Watch Jurn Hoeksema, Alexis Veron, Dorothy Sydor and Frederique Cochi-Beyot outline our key commitments and targets for creating a Sustainable Experience.